Since James Avery passed away on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles, countless stars have come forward to celebrate his life and honor his memory. Now, Will Smith, Avery's co-star from Fresh Prince, has offered his own take.

Posting a message to Facebook on Sunday, Smith lamented the loss of Avery while sharing a 2011 photo of the reunited Fresh Prince cast. The photo represents the last time the pair saw one another. His accompanying message tells us why every young man "needs an Uncle Phil":

Avery and Smith acted alongside each other for the duration of Fresh Prince's six-season run from 1990 to 1996. Brash, outspoken, and thoroughly hood, Smith's character served as a counterpoint to Avery's straight-laced patriarch in Uncle Phil. The result was a TV duo that could rival the Odd Couple in terms of the heights of its comedic capability.

But, that said, Smith was right. We all do need an Uncle Phil. And thanks to James Avery, we all got one.