Following Monday's Daily News column in which I recommended a 5-step plan for poll-challenged Gov. Corbett to get on a path to reelection, I got a bunch of reaction from both sides of the political spectrum and one great idea to add to the list from a reader.

The column, in short, suggested Corbett act quickly to stop the bleeding in popular opinion by, among other things, appointing a woman to the state Supreme Court vacancy sooner rather than later and by getting some Internet political ads up to counter his characterization as someone solely interested in big business.

You can read the 5 ideas here.

Well, I got heat from Democrats arguing, what are you doing offering the Republican incumbent a road to recovery? And I got heat from some Republicans arguing, what are you doing, now he'll never do any of those things because YOU said he should and he hates being told what to do by the media.

So be it. Anyone who writes any opinion is a fair-game target for the opinion of others.

But at least one reader got fully into the spirit of the piece and offered an additional suggestion.

Here's what the reader wrote to me:

"Good article on what Gentleman Tom should do. He won't. His handlers are too far to the right. I am a Republican who thinks these `rubes' will blow another election. If I were in charge, I would find the most articulate, good looking Latina and create a position to put her in charge of voter registration. Take the voter ID issue from the Demos. You might not get much of the Hispanic vote, but you won't lose any and (you) shut the Demos up. Then appoint the Lt. Governor to something like developing trade with Mars. Nobody knows who he is anyway.

"Run her as the Lt. Governor candidate. Now you have dealt with 3 big Demo issues: Hispanics,women, vote. End result, you win!"

Sounds like a plan.

A final point on this topic. We all are seeing how quickly the worm can turn in politics. Imagine what President Obama's poll numbers will look like in a week or so as his trifecta of trouble -- Benghazi, IRS, Justice Department after the Associated Press -- plays out.

Plus, the longer it does, the more it will fuel more aggressive reporting on Obama while relighting the fervor of the tea party.

This is good for Corbett since Pennsylvania governors when elected or reelected are virtually always (19 times out of the last 20 gubernatorial elections) of the opposite party in the White House.

So those laying bets on what happens here in 2014 might want to hold off and watch what happens in 2013.