I suppose when controversy finds a cozy home it just settles in for the long run.

How else to explain the ongoing, seemingly never-ending series of controversies swirling around state Attorney General Kathleen Kane?

The latest makes your head spin.

Last Friday, on the eve of a three-day holiday weekend, we learned long-suffering Kane spokesman Chuck Ardo had enough, could no longer "defend the indefensible," and was resigning his post as Kane's seventh or eighth (we all lost count) press secretary in three and a-half years.

Then Saturday morning, we learned Kane was scheduling what could be a blockbuster news conference for Tuesday afternoon to present findings of a controversial review of thousands or hundreds of thousands of smutty or racist or otherwise offensive emails between and among judges, prosecutors and who knows who else conducted by a controversial former Maryland AG, Doug Gansler, who lost a bid for his state's governorship and who was contracted last year for an up to $2 million review to "relatively quickly" out the rascals who peddled trash on taxpayer time.

Media collectively rubbed hands together. More porn fun was just days away.

Ah, but by Monday the plug got pulled. Another controversial Kane hire, former Montco DA Bruce Castor, who lost a bid to again be DA at least in part because he declined to prosecute comedian Bill Cosby (on sex charges for which Cosby now faces trial), announced the Kane press conference was canceled because Gansler's report was "not comprehensive."

This is interesting since Gansler's review was supposed to be "independent" of Kane's office which, since second-in-command Castor stepped in, clearly it is not.

Mind you, the hiring of both Gansler and Castor also was controversial in terms of pay and position (both in the $150,000 to $160,000 range) to do exactly who knows what for an AG who's law license was stripped while she awaits a criminal trial in August for allegedly leaking grand jury material to the Daily News.

This story needs a flow chart!

But to sum up: the tumultuous tenure of the state's first Democrat and first woman elected AG continues to lose press aides but draw controversy including further delayed exposition of more of the email stuff that brought down several high state officials and two justices of the state Supreme Court.

Oh, and it ain't over. It's simply the latest example of Kathleen Kane spending money, time and resources to feed the multiple controversies she invited into her office while pursuing her own defense of charges against her by a "good ole boys" network out to bring her down (when said boys are not busy trading porn).

Pennsylvania, a place constantly serving political controversy at an all-you-can-stand buffet.