Ci-Lines was an artistic exhibition in abandoned West Philadelphia church, St. Andrews Chapel, which sought to bring new life to the old but beautiful vacant space. Local filmmaker Cory J Popp captured the exhibit, now over, with a detailed video and interview of creator Aaron Asis.

Comprised of a series of bright blue, symmetrical, overhead parachute tethering, the exhibit forced visitors to look up said Asis.

"I want everybody to walk out of here with their own conversation, with their own reaction, and I want it to be centered around…'it's a shame that this space isn't used for something,'" Asis said of his work.

Ci-Lines ran for three days beginning on Feb. 28 and ended on March 14.

St. Andrews Chapel on 4205 Spruce St., was built in 1924 and was used until 1974 before being purchased by University City Associates in 1977. Today, the chapel's campus consists of multiple buildings, others that are home to the Parent Infant Center and the Philadelphia Writing Project. The chapel itself, however, remains unused.

[Cory J Popp]