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Super Bowl Saturday?

The NFL's season-ending spectacular, the Super Bowl, is already facing an enormous change in 2014, and it seems that the league is considering altering another aspect of its storied championship.

The game, which is scheduled for February 2, 2014 at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, will already be ground-breaking, as it will be the first Super Bowl to be played in an open-air stadium in the Northeast. The game is usually held at a location known for warmer weather, or at a stadium that boasts a dome, such as this month's showdown at the Superdome in New Orleans. The potential for poor conditions has caused concern among some.

It appears, however, that the game's location isn't the only aspect of the event that the league may alter.

According to Sports Illustrated, NFL officials are looking into the possibility of playing the Super Bowl on a Saturday, or even postponing it several days if the weather presents problems.

"If faced with an ominous forecast, the league could decide to play the game on Saturday," a league source stated.

Although some would enjoy having a day to recover from the festivities if the spectacle truly does become 'Super Bowl Saturday,' a last-minute change in the actual day that the game is played could present travel problems for many.

We will certainly see at least one big change in next season's Super Bowl, and we should be prepared for the possibility of further alterations.