Brangelina's got nothing on BObama.

The spunky seven-month-old Portuguese Water Dog puppy who joined President Obama and his family in April is everywhere: he's got his official White House portrait, his own baseball card, made appearances on NBC and CBS. There are books featuring Bo's adventures and Bo Beanie babies on the store shelves. Snap shots of Bo running down the White House halls trailing his Master in Chief, taking the First Lady for a walk. The puparazzi just love him.

And then Bo's found the spotlight on national TV, bounding about for the cameras. The president said this to CBS News' Harry Smith, for a Father's Day interview that aired Sunday morning: "Bo's a teenager. He's a puppy still. And he, every once in a while, does get a little frisky. But I would not want just a passive dog. I want a dog with a little bit of spirit. And he definitely has some spirit."

We heard Obama say when it comes to Bo duty, that he's got nighttime walking chores (complete with pooper scooper to keep the White House lawn clean and green) and the First Lady has morning rounds, but the president says the girls, who begged for a puppy, are doing their part.

"Malia and Sasha, they have to make their beds," the president told CBS. "They have to walk the dog. They have to feed the dog."

Then there was the White House damage control after one dangerous faux paw listed on Bo's baseball card: it says Bo's favorite food is tomatoes, but as animal health experts were quick to note, tomatoes are dangerous for dogs (can cause serious digestive problems). The White House was quick to note, Bo does not eat tomatoes; it was a reference to a joke the president made about Bo raiding the First Lady's vegetable garden. His real favorite food is toys.