Five months ago Hailey, a six-year-old Boxer, and Kilo, a five-year-old Husky, were living at the end of their chains in several feet of snow in north-central Pennsylvania.

When anti-chaining activist Tamira Ci Thayne brought them food and straw the owners had her charged with trespassing.

On Sunday, in what Thayne calls "a miracle," the dogs' owners turned them over to her. Thayne runs Dogs Deserve Better an Altoona-based group that advocates for anti-chaining laws nationwide.

The dogs are getting medical care this week and adjusting to life inside, says Thayne. She said they are displaying some negative behaviors characteristic in chained dogs, such as circling and being aggressive with food. They also, sadly, don't appear to know their names.

But Thayne says they are coming around and should be available for adoption soon.

Heartwarming video below showing the before and after images of Hailey and Kilo, first trapped on their chains in the snow and then bounding around Thayne's yard this week.

(Meanwhile in Harrisburg, still no movement on the anti-tethering bill after two years.)