Vanessa Carlton posed for a PETA ad a few years ago, but you won't catch her walking a thousand miles for a pit bull in the Poconos. In fact, according to the Pocono Record, she all-but signed the dog's execution order.

On PETA's website the pop star gushes over her beloved dog, Lord Victor, promotes spay/neuter and touts the importance of rescuing dogs from shelters.

What happened when a nine-month old puppy bolted from its yard on May 2 and bit Carlton on the ankle while jogging in a neighborhood near her parents house? She filed dangerous dog complaint with the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement that led to the near destruction of the dog.

The state had said the owners must comply with the dangerous dog requirements or Bella would have to be euthanized.

Saying they could not afford to comply with insurance and other costly requirements that come with a "dangerous dog" designation, Bella's owners gave her up to a rescue group where she was saved at the eleventh hour.

But the Pocono Record reported earlier this week that Bella is now under a second quarantine that may be related to an incident involving a youngster scratched while playing with the puppy. The Bureau of Dog Law is refusing to provide the paper with any details about either case. Meanwhile, Bella's current and former owners have launched a website in the hope of helping raise funds to fight the charges.