To address one of the issues floating around the Moyersphere in the wake of his angry comments yesterday, yes, his contract is laden with incentives based on innings-pitched and appearanced. But no, the team was not likely in any way influenced by money when it decided to bump Moyer out of the rotation.
A baseball source confirmed to the Inquirer that Moyer’s contract, which is worth $13 million over two years, contains innings and appearance-based incentives. He would receive an additional $250,000 for his 150th inning this season, 160th ,170th, 180th, 190th.
His 2010 salary would increase by $250, 000 for 150 innings pitched this season, and 23 starts. He currently has 123.1 IP and 22 starts.
These bonus amounts are by no means miniscule, but they do not represent a sum large enough to influence a baseball decision for a team attempting to defend a World Series Championship. The Phillies signed Pedro Martinez to a contract worth about $1 million, for example, to replace Moyer in the rotation, and are paying released outfielder Geoff Jenkins $9 million dollars this season. If the team felt that Moyer was among its five best starters, they would certainly have kept him in the rotation. This was a decision based on performance, not dollars.