Anyone else see their cable TV bill flash before their eyes on hearing how much Comcast shelled out to make sure NBC could continue to show us Nordic combined and curling, as well as judo and canoe slalom every two years?

In paying $4.4B to keep the Olympics, Comcast continues to open its wallet. It also ponied up $1B to buy the 50 percent of the Orlando theme parks it didn't own. And there are still three days left in the week!

Boy, Comcast is spending U.S. dollars like they're going out of style (which is what OPEC and gold bugs have been saying for years).

Merck & Co. and Intercell said they're halting work on an experimental vaccine that they'd hoped would prevent a hospital-acquired infection. The move came after an outside data monitoring committee in April had flagged the Phase II/III trial and Merck analyzed the vaccine's risks and benefits found it was "unlikely to demonstrate a statistically significant clinical benefits" and a safety concern. News release is here. And a Reuters version.

Don't melt the day away.