Every once in a while, something comes along so adorable, so heartwarming, that it renders us almost unfit to witness the darling act in question. The Animal Rescue League of Berks County's "Book Buddies" program is one such thing.

Cat lovers, brace yourselves. Book Buddies has kids grade 1 to 8 come into the shelter to read to the cats, with organizers saying that it serves a dual purpose of soothing the cats and upping the kids' reading levels. Plus, you know, it's cute, so win-win-win.

The program reportedly got its start after a staffer had her son practice his reading skills while spending time at the shelter. Staff members took note and like it so much that it became a regular volunteer program.

Since news about ARLBC's reading program broke via Reddit, shelters from LA to New York have begun discussing starting similar programs. If you're looking to volunteer, there's your notice—but, please, be a child first and foremost.

And now, without further interruption, the glory of kids reading to cats:

Photos via The Animal Rescue League of Berks County.