The Committee of Seventy has released this statement:

Reports from our citizen teams continue to point towards an exceedingly high turnout. The real test of how well the election operation is working - everything from the condition of the voting machines to the conduct of election officials - will come between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. We are making sure that all areas of the city are well covered during that time period.
The 1-866-OUR VOTE hotline has received a number of calls from longtime Democrats in both Philadelphia and Lower Merion Township who arrive at their polling places to find that they are registered in the poll book as Independents. As you know, Independents can only vote on ballot questions. These voters should be allowed to vote by provisional ballot. If you are receiving any reports that voters are being denied provisional ballots, please encourage them to call the hotline immediately. We will send out a legal team to resolve the problem.