Since former Mayor Michael Nutter left office just more than a year ago, he's racked up a lengthy list of new positions and appointments.

The latest announcement of yet another new gig came this week, when Nutter was named an executive fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Social Policy and Practice and the Penn Institute for Urban Research.

He will focus on addressing deep poverty in Philadelphia and elsewhere and help Penn further its research, teaching and policy related to poverty, according to the university.

"Mayor Nutter is someone who has devoted his career of public service to the idea of making sure that citizens have their needs addressed and their interests protected," John L. Jackson, Jr., the graduate school's dean, said in a statement. "He is also someone who has long been passionate about issues of poverty."

If you've lost count, here's a list off all the new jobs Nutter has taken since he stepped down as mayor in January 2016:

In addition to the slew of positions, Nutter has been busy in other ways.

He's weighed in on the race for chair of the Democratic National Committee, endorsing former Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

He still hasn't let go of his animosity toward another former mayor, John F. Street, as a mayoral flame war surfaced this winter amid tensions over when Street's official portrait would be displayed.

He's sounded off on the election of President Trump, calling Trump a "carnival barker" and "completely unqualified."

He was the subject of speculation that he could be named to a top, perhaps even Cabinet-level position, in a Hillary Clinton administration, though those rumors were rendered null after Trump's win.

He's lashed out at City Controller Alan Butkovitz, after Butkovitz released a report this week that said more than $380,000 in Philadelphia Marathon proceeds were used as a "slush fund" under Nutter and a former top aide.

He's launched a new website,, that's billed as "a digital presence that supports Nutter's current work as a university professor, political commentator, urban strategist, advisor, and board member."

He's cheered on his wife, Lisa, as she competed in the USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships and won a gold medal.

And, as the biography page on Nutter's new website notes, the former mayor "is also a frequent and enthusiastic performer of The Sugar Hill Gang's 1980 classic, Rapper's Delight."