After Attorney General Kathleen Kane made up the movie name "Boondog Millionaire" during Wednesday's press conference, social media users were quick to jump in with parody Twitter accounts and other combined-movie-title jokes.

Kane, accused of leaking confidential grand jury information and lying about it under oath, tried to describe a movie while speaking to her sons from the podium at Wednesday's news conference: "In that movie, the priest says you have two choices. There are two types of evil in this life. One is the traditional evil that I desperately try to save my boys from and the 13 million people of this commonwealth. And the other type of evil is when good people stand back and do nothing. And I'm telling you, Christopher and Zach, you know I have never been that person. I brought this fight to our doorstep."

She called the film "Boondog Millionaire," leaving observers wondering whether Kane meant "Slumdog Millionaire" or "Boondock Saints." (Her spokesman later told Penn Live that the attorney general was referencing "Boondock Saints.")

Here's how Twitter parody accounts -- with usernames like @slumdogsaints and @BdogMillionaire -- reacted to the flub: