Dylan Purcell is an investigative reporter focused on data-driven stories that delve into issues of public concern for the Philadelphia region.

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A day of chilling milestones: New Jersey coronavirus deaths surpass the number lost in 9/11 terrorist attacks

“This pandemic is writing one of the greatest tragedies in our state’s history,” Gov. Phil Murphy said

Thousands of Philly students are stuck at home with no computer or internet

About 14,700 kids in Philadelphia didn’t own a computer in 2018, according to the latest census estimates. And thousands more lack the internet connection they need to learn from home.

How much diabetes, smoking, and other risk factors worsen your coronavirus odds

The first comprehensive U.S. numbers were published Tuesday afternoon, illustrating just how much worse the consequences of an infection can be for those with heart, lung, and kidney problems.

Babies, immigrants enabled Philly to narrowly avoid population decline in 2019, Census estimates show

The Philadelphia suburbs are growing faster than the city, new data indicate.

Philly’s new normal? From the airport to the Acme, foot traffic shows a changed city.

Notable places in Philadelphia can be either busy or abandoned as the coronavirus pandemic changes how we get through the day.

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Unemployment claims in Pa. and N.J. surge in wake of the coronavirus

Pennsylvania officials received 120,000 claims for unemployment benefits in the space of two days — more than half of what they received in the entire first quarter of 2019.

Philly restaurant scene hummed above national rates until the pandemic chased away the customers

Restaurant visits started to sink in many American cities by March 9 — for some cities even earlier — but reservations didn’t crash in Philadelphia for another three days.

Philly gave away 2,300 properties for $1 each. Now it is owed nearly $900,000 in back taxes.

As Philadelphia’s population shrunk and property values declined, the city gave away houses and lots for $1. Today, hundreds of thousands in taxes are overdue.

Where’s damaged asbestos in Philly’s public schools? Look it up in our new School Checkup tool.

Find detailed reports on hazards inside classrooms, gyms and cafeterias at more than 200 Philadelphia district schools.

Philly sold thousands of properties for $1 each. Buyers flipped them for $54 million.

Of the 2,314 properties the city has sold for $1 since 2000, according to an Inquirer analysis, about 800 have been since resold for $54 million.