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Philly gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions drop under DA Krasner

Police are on pace to make 3,000 arrests this year for carrying a gun illegally, a record, but the people charged are less likely to be convicted.

Instagram feuds fueling shootings in West Philly. One claimed the lives of best friends.

Jarell Jackson and Shahjahan McCaskill were killed over a feud they weren't even involved in. It reflects a trend of shootings being fueled by — and increasingly chronicled on — social media.

Waiting for a bus and shot in the leg: A victim tries to make sense of the shooting at Olney Transportation Center

Even if the shooters had a target, authorities believe nearly all of the victims were innocent bystanders. One woman was shot while waiting for a bus to work.

In rural Pa., largely untouched by COVID-19 in the spring, deaths are now surging: ‘It’s just scary’

As coronavirus cases ravaged urban hubs like Philadelphia in the spring, rural Pennsylvania was left largely unaffected. Now, they’re seeing levels higher than the city at its peak.

As shootings in Philly have surged, law enforcement has failed to deliver justice

In 8,500 shootings since 2015, suspects have been charged and convicted just 9% of the time.

Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a ‘family man’ with many mental health crises and encounters with police

Wallace was the father of eight, an Uber Eats driver, and an aspiring rapper.

At least 25 people were shot in Philly last weekend, including two 11-year-olds, as gun violence keeps surging

The bloodshed also included gunfire at a playground that injured six people, a shooting in East Mount Airy that killed a 25-year-old man, and another man shot as he left an Airbnb in Center City.

Philly is seeing a spike in shootings of children. But motives and arrests are lagging.

Nearly 100 kids have been shot in the city already this year, according to police statistics — a tally soon to surpass the number of young people shot in all of last year. Just 18% of the shootings have resulted in an arrest, according to an Inquirer analysis.

This small Delco borough has the Philly region’s highest rate of coronavirus cases

The town of fewer than 12,000 people has seen the highest rate of COVID-19 cases of any suburban municipality or Philadelphia zip code with at least 10,000 residents, according to an Inquirer analysis.

Philly teachers and students take to the street to protest racism

“We’re not free unless we’re all free,” Keziah Ridgeway, a history teacher at Northeast High, told the crowd as the rally for Black lives got underway. “Walk as if you are transforming education with your feet.”