Accessories are powerful. But can a bold bauble really turn your little black dress into a brand-new frock? Yes.

The trendlet

As we transition into spring, look for eye-catching necklaces to bring a dose of fab to solid-hued bodices - white T-shirts, jumpsuits, and of course, the simple sheath. The accessory works best (and loudest) in the form of chunky beads, little spikes, and jewels.

Where's it come from?

Faux trinkets go back to the late 1920s art deco period when accessories were inspired by African art and cubism. Chunky, yet architectural, necklaces, bracelets, and cocktail rings added drama to the 1920s Chanel drop-waists, 1930s Elsa Schiaparelli knitwear, and later the 1940s Dior suit.

During the 1980s, large beads in solid gold and clear resin were a major part of the accessories ready-to-wear story.

In 2010, during the heart of the recession, statement necklaces made our L.B.D.s unique while not straining our wallets. During the fall 2014 and spring 2015 runway season, such designers as Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Ralph Lauren continued to follow the more-is-more mantra below the collarbone.

Who's wearing it?

Socialite and reality television star Olivia Palermo, and Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum have been spotted in the bombastic strands over the years. And during last weekend's Grammy Awards, Jane Fonda's gold-fringed Balmain necklace - that she brilliantly paired with a green jumpsuit by the designer - was all that.

Would Elizabeth wear it?

Big jewelry gets in my way. I do, however, like the silver collar. I just have to wait until the 2015 holiday season for it to be appropriate - and hope it's still in style then.

Should you wear it?

Why not? It's a great way to jazz up an old(er) dress. But please don't try this with prints. Your look will be too overwhelming, and that's never a good thing.

All jewelry available at Linda Golden Boutique, 379 W. Lancaster Ave., Haverford, 610-658-0992.

Model: Shantrelle Lewis of Philadelphia

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