Four Spring-Ford Area High School seniors recently displayed their artwork at an exhibit called "Change" at the Phoenix Village Art Center in Phoenixville.

The students, Mike Platco, Alex Duncan, Ed Lochocki and Lauren Meszaros spent several months meeting with students from other high schools who participated in the 2007 Regional High School Art Consortium to prepare for the exhibit.

High schools that participated this year included Upper Moreland, Lower Moreland and Phoenixville Area.

Spring-Ford High School art teacher Robyn Burckhardt said the consortium was an opportunity for students to work with peers who approach art in a professional manner. It also represents a way for students to display their work to the public at a professional art gallery.

Today we present the work of Alex Duncan, a senior, who used plaster, wire and Styrofoam to create Change of Thought. Works by other students will appear in future weeks.

"The statue was influenced by Rodin's The Thinking Man," Alex said. "It displays basic physics to complicated equations starting from the feet to the head. It is supposed to show us how our thoughts and progressions to physics have changed over time."