It's Vice President Joe Biden's birthday today, and even at the tender age of 71, he's showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, if recent travels are any indication,  the VP may be angling for shot at the White House in 2016. On Monday, Party Time reviewed Biden's recent excursions on the national party circuit -- noting his stops in key primary states and large, donor-rich cities.

Today the vice president is in Panama on official business, touring the famed canal and meeting with President Ricardo Martinelli. Though, it seems that even on the other end of the continent the VP can not avoid the rumors of his presidential ambitions. A pool report notes that Martinelli -- who will have exhausted term limits by 2014 --quipped that Biden would be the next of the two men to run for a presidency. Biden, ever bashful, could only muster a cryptic "Oh, we'll talk about that," in response.

Luckily, if he decides to toss his name into the ring his post has given him all the experience necessary for the gig -- at least when it comes to fundraising.

As the current man occupying the Oval Office has shown, presidents must be both leaders and chief fundraisers, and Biden has certainly done his due diligence. Although he has picked up his pace in recent weeks, Party Time records show (see map) that Biden has been crisscrossing the country raising cash for members of Congress and the national party all year.

Biden's 2013 itinerary included funders in "ATM" states for the Democratic National Committee in places like Atlanta, Austin and San Francisco. He also lent his name to and embattled incumbents Sens. Mary Landrieu, D-La. and Kay Hagan, D-S.C.

An appearance by a party bigwig like the vice president can help to drum up buzz and cash. At least four of the fundraisers Biden attended (or will attend) this year have suggested contributions in the five figure range. Three of these -- the upcoming Windy City funder for Durbin's Senate Victory Fund, DNC's National Issues Conference in Washington and the Baltimore bash for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- had maximum contributions of over $30,000.

Sounds like someone is ready for the big leagues.

As always, if any of our intrepid readers catch wind of other fundraisers featuring the vice president, show you care and kindly share.

(Note: All dates for 2016 caucuses and primaries come from the 2016 calendar of

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