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Líderes del gobierno local renuevan esfuerzos para cumplir la ley que protege a inmigrantes de estafadores

Una ley de 2014, que protege a inmigrantes de estafadores, fue ignorada desde su promulgación. Ahora, los líderes de la ciudad prometen "ponerse al día" y disponer recursos para hacerla cumplir.

Philadelphia leaders renew efforts to enforce law to protect immigrants from fraud

A 2014 law to protect immigrants from profiteers went ignored from the start. Now city leaders promise to "get on it" and put new muscle into enforcement.

Durante años, dos estafadores del área de Filadelfia engañaron a inmigrantes y se salieron con la suya

Algunos inmigrantes huyen del crimen y la violencia, solo para ser víctimas de proveedores de servicios fraudulentos de inmigración en el área de Filadelfia.

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Two Philly-area fraudsters took money from immigrants, stole their ‘American dream’ — and went unchecked for years

Some immigrants flee crime and violence, only to fall prey to fraudulent immigration services providers in the Philadelphia area.

Froggy Carr Mummers brigade disqualified for ‘use of blackface’ in Gritty-themed costumes

In a tweet, Mayor Jim Kenney condemned “the use of blackface by someone affiliated with Froggy Carr,” calling it “abhorrent and unacceptable.”

Thousands celebrate the Mummers’ Mardi Gras-like party, Philly-style

Confetti, empty beer cans, fake money bills, and crushed New Year’s noisemakers swirled together on the ground as colorful Mummers marched down Broad Street.

Pedestrian killed in hit and run

No description was released of the driver of a car that hit and killed a pedestrian on West Girard Avenue Sunday night.

Local Jewish community condemns latest anti-Semitic attack in New York

Philadelphia-area Jewish leaders alarmed and sadden by a recent spate of anti-Semitic acts of violence, including a Saturday night machete attack in Monsey, N.Y.

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A Philly police commander’s sexual misconduct was well-known. A flawed system protected him.

System flaws in the Philly Police Department, DA’s Office, and City Hall helped to shield former police chief inspector Carl Holmes — who was recently indicted for sexual assault — and other top bosses from scrutiny, The Inquirer has found.

Police car struck by dirt bike, injuring officer

The collision happened while officers were making an arrest near Broad and Spring Garden Streets.