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Second case dropped against a former Philly police inspector accused of sexual assault

A second woman's case is withdrawn in the sexual assault charges against former Philadelphia police inspector Carl Holmes.

Pennsylvania is limiting who administers the COVID-19 vaccine. Doctors’ groups say that’s a bad move.

Physician groups are "deeply troubled" by health department's shift in vaccine distribution

Allegedly drunk Philly cop left woman with broken legs, dead dog after crashing car into her home at 70 mph

Court documents allege officer Gregory Campbell was drunk and driving “at least” 70 miles per hour when he crashed into the living room of a Northeast Philadelphia couple, causing serious injuries.

‘Don’t tell’: Twenty Devereux staffers allegedly harmed children — or kept quiet about the abuse — since 2018

Despite reforms at Devereux, the nonprofit has failed to protect nonverbal children from harm.

New lawsuit alleges Devereux failed to protect at least six children from abuse

The plaintiffs, who ranged in age from 8 to 17 at the time, allege they were abused at Devereux facilities in Chester County and in other states.

Ways to detect, deter, and stop abuse at licensed childcare facilities

The Inquirer recently interviewed seven child-welfare experts about ways to help detect, deter, and stop abuse at licensed childcare facilities and hold them accountable. Here are some proposals.

A look at the Pa. and N.J. residents who received last-minute White House pardons

The list includes Salomon Melgen, who stood trial alongside Sen. Bob Menendez (D., N.J.) in a corruption and bribery case and Gary Hendler, a Philly radio host now on Gov. Wolf's drug council.

On Small Business Saturday, a Philly baby boutique symbolizing ‘hope and love’ debuts amid new city COVID-19 restrictions

"We have to learn to adapt to change," said Tina Dixon Spence, owner of Buddha Babe in West Mount Airy. She had to scrap a more elaborate planned grand opening due to new city "Stay at Home" urgings.

An additional 13 allege they were sexually assaulted as children by Devereux staff

The lawsuit comes after a recent Inquirer investigation detailed how staffers at the leading behavioral health nonprofit for youth abused children for years while red flags were ignored.

Devereux spent public money to open shelters for migrant children, then dropped its plans

The reversal comes in the wake of an Inquirer investigation that detailed how the organization repeatedly failed to protect children in its care from male staffers who sexually abused them.