For the past week, Eagles fans have wondered what happened to Orlando Scandrick.

Back in October, following his release from the Eagles, Scandrick drew the ire of Birds fans and players by criticizing the organization and the locker room during a much-talked-about appearance on FS1’s Undisputed. Scandrick continued to troll the Eagles for the remainder of the season, but went silent after the Eagles defeated the Cowboys in Week 16.

On Monday, Scandrick returned to FS1 to pay off a bet he made with Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe and expressed bewilderment over the final weeks of the season, which ended with the Eagles in the playoffs and the Cowboys watching from home.

“I was wrong. I didn’t see this coming at all,” Scandrick said. “I hope they get it figured out in Dallas.”

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Scandrick, whom Skip Bayless noted was wearing a green outfit, said he stood by what he said back in October, when he claimed several current Eagles players were still “living on that Super Bowl high.” He also directly criticized Eagles general manager Howie Roseman and safety Malcolm Jenkins, whom Scandrick suggested was a “selfish” player and implied had something to do with the release of linebacker Zach Brown.

But the former Eagles and Cowboys defender also appeared at times like a deer in the headlights, backpedaling and attempting to spin his comments as somehow complimentary to his former Eagles teammates.

“The living in the past and the Super Bowl is actually something that helped them. It was something they could lean against,” Scandrick said. “They put their backs against the wall and said, ‘We ain’t got no place to go.’ And if you put a dog in the corner, eventually they’re going to bite back.”


As my colleague Les Bowen noted, Scandrick was cut twice by the Eagles — once at the end of training camp, and once in the wake of the team’s Week 7 blowout loss to the Cowboys. Scandrick said his release “felt really, really scapegoatish. The problem in Philadelphia is much, much deeper than me.”

It’s doubtful Scandrick’s comments this time around will mean much to Eagles players, who are busy preparing for Sunday’s playoff match-up against the Seattle Seahawks at Lincoln Financial Field.

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“I don’t give two --- about people who ain’t here,” Jenkins told reporters following Scandrick’s comments back in October.