Hello, everyone. Welcome to what I’m sure is a busy Tuesday. We’re only getting to the mid-40s, but you’ll need your sunglasses.

Today’s top story looks at a proposal for part of downtown Camden that many believe will turn Market Street into a “speedway” — dooming the city’s only true commercial corridor.

And with relatives coming for the holidays, you’ll need something to do with them. We’ve got suggestions for family and friends of all ages.

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The proposal that could put Camden’s downtown biz out of business

Members of the Cooper-Grant Neighborhood Association are confused.

In an attempt to get more foot traffic into a section of downtown Camden, the association and the businesses tied to it thought they had aligned with the city on a good plan for the flow of traffic at Market and Federal Streets.

So when an entirely new proposal — with little to no community input — called for turning the four-lane strip into a one-way express past Camden’s only commercial corridor to the South Jersey suburbs, there was a bit of shock and awe.

Neighbors say the design would be the final blow to businesses along Market Street, many of which are primarily Black- and brown-owned.

Our columnist Inga Saffron suggests that the new proposal harks back to older, discredited thinking about cities.

What you should know today

You’re going to need something to do with your guests before and after Thanksgiving

For those of us hosting, the big question is: What should we do with all that time besides watching college football?

Our Things to Do team has you covered:

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🧠 Philly Trivia Time 🧠

OK, this one is for the Eagles fans still riding the high of Sunday’s win against the Saints. Today’s question: Now that the team is legitimately back in the playoff race, do you know the combined record of the team’s remaining opponents? The answer offers a good bit of hope for the team’s chances of flying into the NFL playoffs.

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