Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day and my colleagues have put together a helpful guide to voting this year. You can check it out at And, yesterday also marked a grim milestone for the coronavirus pandemic. More than 200,000 people have now died in the United States due to the coronavirus.

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Everything you need to know about voting by mail in Pennsylvania

My colleague Jonathan Lai covers voting and elections, keeping track of the changing nature of how you can cast your ballots this election season. One of the biggest changes is that any Pennsylvania voter can vote by mail this year. Teaming up with Kristen Balderas and Lauren Schneiderman, they made a video that helps explain the changes and what they mean to you. My colleagues have also put together answers to your questions about the voting procedures this year in this handy guide.

200,000 people in the U.S. have died of COVID-19

The United States reported its 200,000th confirmed death due to the coronavirus yesterday. It’s a benchmark, my colleague Justine McDaniel writes, that highlights the country’s “failure to substantially quash the spread of the virus this year and underscores the tragedy of the pandemic.”

The share of the deaths occurring in Pennsylvania and New Jersey has dropped substantially in the more than six months since the pandemic shut down life as we knew it. For example, New Jersey went from having about 12% of the country’s first 100,000 deaths to only about 2% of the nation’s second 100,000, according to my colleagues' data analysis.

This Philly charter school is trying to grow the ranks of Black male teachers

A program at Boys' Latin in West Philly has established teaching positions for Black men who are interested in pursuing education as a career. Three residents are both teaching at Boys' Latin and also taking classes at Drexel to earn their certifications. There are also eight apprentices who assist teachers and staff as they get exposure to what a career in education could look like.

One resident, Robert Fletcher, was actually a student at Boys' Latin who graduated in 2012. He had just one teacher who was a Black man. “They have to see us,” he told my colleague Maddie Hanna. “They have to know that we’re there.”

What you need to know today

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“This is not the normal stuff of partisan politics, but something far more dangerous. Delegitimizing the opposition is the trademark of demagogues in countries led by dictators or lapsed democrats — as I’ve witnessed in Russia, China, Turkey, Hungary, and elsewhere.” — writes columnist Trudy Rubin about Trump’s plan for replacing RBG.

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“There’s a lot to be hot about,” my colleague Elizabeth Wellington writes. And what more is there to say? Turns out, there’s a lot more. Even if you sense yourself feeling angrier than usual right now there are ways to help you be more productive with your emotions.

Correction: Tuesday’s edition of this newsletter misstated the number of times Berks County voted for the candidate who won Pennsylvania in the last five presidential elections. It was two, not four.