After the NBA announced that one of its players had tested positive for the coronavirus last night, the league is suspending its season indefinitely, according to a statement. That announcement also came following President Donald Trump’s address last night in which he said that most travel from Europe would be suspended for the next 30 days beginning tomorrow.

Other major events and celebrations across the region continue to be canceled due to the coronavirus. We’re keeping track of all of them. And, schools in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are planning for long-term closures while some sports events, including March Madness, will be held without fans.

As the number of new cases rose yesterday, officials in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey confronted the possibility that coronavirus could be spreading through communities in ways they cannot trace. Earlier in the week, Philadelphia leaders advised residents about attending public gatherings.

These precautions all involve “social distancing," which means minimizing close contact with other people. That concept has led events, festivals, and concerts to be canceled in Philly. For example, the city has canceled its St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You can find an updating list of local events that have been canceled due to the coronavirus here.

There are Pennsylvania counties that look similar to rural areas in Texas, Oklahoma, and, most recently, in Michigan that Sanders won in 2016, but has lost so far in 2020. Sanders’ strength in more rural, Republican-leaning counties where Trump won in the general election was something supporters pointed to as a sign of the Vermont senator’s electability.

But so far, it hasn’t worked out that way.

My colleague’s reporting indicates that while Sanders does have passionate repeat supporters in Pa.'s rural counties, there are also people who say they supported Sanders as a protest vote against Hillary Clinton.

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“Levity aside, though, she said the response to coronavirus reinforced to her how reactions to situations depend solely on whether people (usually those in positions of power and privilege) perceive a direct risk to their own lives, or the lives of those they love.” — writes columnist Helen Ubiñas, comparing the response to the coronavirus to the response to gun violence in Philadelphia.

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