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First: Election Day eve. Here. We. Go. All eyes on Pennsylvania for any sign of which way the crucial state will swing. To give you a decent idea of where things could be headed, we explained the dynamics of the 10 counties worth watching.

Then: The past week of fallout from the police shooting and killing of Walter Wallace Jr. has renewed calls to defund the police from activists and some politicians.

O.K. let’s get into it.

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The 10 Pa. counties to watch as election results roll in

Pennsylvania is the coveted state Biden and Trump want in their winning column. In fact, it could decide the winner who takes the whole thing.

But we may not know who won by election night thanks to people voting by mail in unprecedented numbers. Also of note: procedural discrepancies between counties. The key point: early returns may not show the whole picture and evolving numbers could end up tipping the election in another direction.

It could come down to who’s turning out where, and those patterns could ripple. These are the ten counties you should be watching as the election results roll in, each with fascinating dynamics that distinguish them.

Calls to ‘defund the police’ intensify after Philadelphia police killing of Walter Wallace Jr.

The past week of loss, protest and destruction in Philadelphia has renewed calls from activists to reconsider a vision for public safety. Some want to “defund the police,” a proposal that would reduce law enforcement funding and divert money to neighborhood groups or social service providers who can respond to some calls that officers typically handle.

We’re continuing to cover all the latest developments and fallout from the fatal shooting.

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“There are so many problems that America needs to address, but all of that hinges on the coming weeks and whether we fulfill our already frayed but implied 1787 promise to Ben Franklin made right here in Philadelphia: A republic, if we can keep it.” — columnist Will Bunch writes that the election is a showdown between freedom and fascism.

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