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President Trump has proposed labeling antifa as a terrorist group. But a nationally organized antifa network as imagined does not actually exist. Even so, fears about antifa that have spread online through warnings, hoaxes, and jokes have resonated widely, spilling over into communities — in South Philadelphia and Fishtown, as well as on July 4, in Gettysburg.

In each of those cases, residents that were angry from weeks of civil unrest had organized to fight threats that didn’t really materialize, leading to sometimes serious and violent confrontations.

Systematic racism influences health as unequal access to satisfy basic needs (think education, nutrition, wages, clean air and water, and more) created a pandemic that existed long before the coronavirus, according to experts.

My colleague Kasra Zarei reported on the root of these issues and the efforts of community health workers in Philadelphia who have, in other cities, partnered with police officers to focus on antiracist and holistic responses to issues and have trained other health-care professionals. Experts stress the U.S. needs more community health workers to address disparities.

Can you contract the coronavirus from across a room, or after an infected person leaves it? The answer is unclear. But evidence that invisible “aerosols” can spread infection indoors more stealthily than thought led 239 scientists to urge the World Health Organization to address the risk.

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Employment rebound
John Cole
Employment rebound

“It’s clear the aftermath of the last month or so has lit a fire under so many people who placed race relations in the back of the brain, because, well as a white person, it really didn’t affect them much. I personally love that the struggle of a collective is on full display right now and so many white people are getting educated.” — writes Kerith Gabriel, the editor in chief of Philadelphia Weekly, about how white people’s wokeness needs to extend beyond their posts on social media.

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Pilot Sean O’Donnel, a 42-year-old Newtown Square resident, was paralyzed and lost the use of his legs in 1995 when a car hit the motorcycle he was riding. Now, he’s teaching others with disabilities to fly planes, too. “No picture can capture the beauty of flying,” O’Donnell said. “It’s almost indescribable. It’s a gift, and you have to share it.”