Storms in the region yesterday caused flash flooding and came with reports of half-dollar-sized hail. And, we’re also in our first official heat wave of the season with temps forecasted to remain about 90 degrees at least through Sunday.

Remember, if you’re registered in New Jersey, don’t forget to get out and vote today — safely, of course.

Twenty-three people were shot across the city on Sunday, pushing Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic to an alarming height. It’s the highest number of shootings in a single day in at least seven years.

So far in 2020, an average of 4.7 people have been shot a day in Philadelphia. The number of shooting victims has been rising steadily since 2014. If the pace established this year holds, it will be the city’s highest yearly total since at least 2007, according to my colleagues’ analysis of city and police data.

As the coronavirus brought on stay-at-home orders, “the region’s thirst for the freedoms attached to bike riding grew stronger,” my colleague Patricia Madej writes. There’s been so much demand that bike shops can’t always keep up with it, especially while limiting hours and staff to keep employees and customers as safe as possible. The shops are also dealing with shortages of budget-friendly bikes and such basic parts as tubes and tires.

What’s caused the boom? Madej reports that it’s likely some combination of essential workers looking for transportation alternatives with SEPTA’s schedule changes, gym rats trying to keep fit in new ways, and people trying to get some time off the couch and outside.

More than 90 Philadelphia-area companies and nonprofits received up to $10 million each from the Paycheck Protection Program, the federal program of (potentially) forgivable loans meant to help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday’s data release is the most detailed picture we have on which industries and businesses received money from the program after months of resistance from Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin regarding the disclosure of who got the loans. But, it’s still not the entire picture.

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Face mask culture wars
John Darkow/Columbia Missourian
Face mask culture wars

“Look, I support any and all police reforms, and this journey of 1,000 miles to end American policing as we know it needs to start with the baby steps. ... But does anyone honestly believe that a lukewarm new law or two and a couple of days of training can break through an entrenched culture of white supremacy?” — writes columnist Will Bunch about the “banal evil of the cops who killed” Elijah McClain.

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Artist and photographer RA Friedman left his job as a curator in the University of Pennsylvania libraries in March. As more and more people died due to the coronavirus, he began to try to “create a portrait of the living city through what it has lost,” writes my colleague Stephan Salisbury.