Voting officially got underway in Pennsylvania yesterday, as we’re just five weeks from Election Day. In Philly, Joe Biden supporters are hoping he doesn’t suffer the same fate as Hillary Clinton when it comes to the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party. And, across the country, folks will be tuning in tonight to see the first debate between candidates Donald Trump and Biden.

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Voting has begun in Pennsylvania’s messy, unprecedented 2020 pandemic election

Just over five weeks before Election Day, voting began in Pennsylvania yesterday. Mail ballots are being printed and sent to more than 2 million voters who’ve requested them. Some early voting is beginning in certain counties at either local elections offices or at satellite sites.

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Another task for Biden: Winning Philly progressives who think ‘the whole system needs to go down’

In Philly’s liberal bastions, Sanders bumper stickers are as common as Biden-Harris yard signs. And those areas could prove vital for Biden’s hopes to beat President Trump, my colleagues Sean Collins Walsh and Anna Orso report.

They spoke to progressive leaders, organizers, and voters in the city who say that there’s still some uncertainty about whether Biden can win enough support from the Democratic Party’s left wing to avoid the fate Clinton had four years ago.

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“Just a few months ago, my social life was reduced to eye-scowling at neighbors whose noses had crept above their masks. But recently I’ve gained a whole new crew of pals. True, I’ve never met them, but they seem to know a lot about me and they’re so aggressively, relentlessly friendly — always texting to shoot the breeze.” — writes freelance writer Patrick Rapa in a satirical piece about political organizing texts.

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