Get ready to see a lot of Chris Christie's face on your TV (or fast-forwarded on your DVR) over the next 10 days.

The gov is up this morning with his first TV ad of the fall gubernatorial campaign -- and it echoes the same exact themes as his ads from the primary campaign. Christie neither mentions Barbara Buono nor even acknowledges the fact that he has an opponent. Instead, he is the bipartisan Mr. Fix-It hugging the Democratic mayor of tiny Chesilhurst (pop. 1,634) and gazing toward a Sandy-ravaged Seaside Heights amusement pier.

"When tragedy struck, he was there every step of the way," concludes the announcer.

Less than two weeks after the end of the taxpayer-funded "Stronger Than The Storm" tourism ads featuring the Christie family, these campaign-funded commercials will serve to remind residents of the warm feelings they had toward their gov in the aftermath of the October 2012 storm. The $1.5 million ad blitz airs statewide in the Philadelphia and New York media markets, according to Politico.

Here are the ad's main claims, with some context:

Working with both parties: Fact. All of his major initiatives were achieved in collaboration with the Dems who control the Legislature and the cities.

Four balanced budgets: Yes, but...the Constitution mandates a balanced budget. It's always balanced (technically).

No new taxes for everyone: But some old taxes for many. Christie lowered the Earned Income Tax Credit, a tax break for the working poor. And property taxes went up pretty much everywhere.

Best job growth in a decade: That's true, says PolitiFact.

Most education funding ever: The most state dollars, yes. But former Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine actually sent more money to the schools -- thanks to a stimulus package from the feds.