The ongoing feud between members of the New York Giants and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy continues.

To review, a report surfaced about Osi Umenyiora being unhappy with his contract. McCoy, on Twitter, the wrote this: "Overrated and soft. Third best defensive lineman on his team honestly." Osi then responded by calling McCoy a "chihuahua," revealing that the Giants referred to McCoy as "Laday Gaga" and calling him a "she" a time or two.

Wide receiver Steve Smith and others jumped in.

Linebacker Keith Bulluck appeared on the NFL Network the other night and was asked about all this, which led to another dig at McCoy.

"I don't think that anyone on their team is irritated. I think it's something that he chose to do on his own. Twitter's an open format and you can get out there and say what you want. I bet (McCoy) wouldn't really have those same words for Osi if Osi was standing in front of him. I know he wouldn't have those same words," Bulluck said. "Internet gangster."

This will continue to add fuel to the fire in the Eagles-Giants rivalry and will be something to talk about leading into that game, assuming we get to that point.