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Jayson Musson & Alex Da Corte create pop culture driven installation at ICA

You may known Jayson Musson best for his dabbling with Philly hip-hop group Plastic Little or maybe as his art alter-ego Hennessy Youngman.

You may known Jayson Musson best for being a key member of Philly hip-hop group Plastic Little or maybe as his art alter-ego Hennessy Youngman. But as himself, he is a cultural comedian who manages to basically 'kill it' in almost anything he does. Whether it's a Coogi-sweatered canvas show or his notes of wisdom on my Twitter timeline:

Musson teamed up with visual art extravagant Alex Da Corte, both Philly-bred creatives, for the Institute of Contemporary Art's latest exhibition, Easternsports.

Video is the centerpiece in this collaborative show that plays on "archetypes in popular culture -- and poking holes in the symbols associated with them," Da Corte said in an interview with Papermag. The idea originally spurred from a poem Musson wrote in his early twenties. "I make reference to a westerner's knowledge of Buddhism as 'easternsports.' It's a comment on the notion that, as Westerners, our identities are not fixed," he told the site. "From our position of privilege we're able to explore or dabble with cultural exports from other parts of the world, religion being one of them. Westerners are encouraged to 'find themselves' and in that process we try on, then discard many ideologies, thus reducing them to trite intellectual garments, or a light pastime much akin to sports." Keep your eyes peeled for references to Ja Rule, Jim Henson, MC Hammar and other notable influentials in pop culture history.

The film is driven by vignettes and is considered a modern take on Thornton Wilder's Our Town with a soap opera-y flair. Musson provided the script, while Da Corte directed the vibrant imagery that's reflective of his installation work. Dev Hynes of Blood Orange is responsible for the musical score.

Easternsports opens Friday, September 19 at ICA Philadelphia (118 S. 36th St.), with an opening ceremony from 6:30 - 9 PM. It runs until December 28. More info can be found here.