When a customer loses their head enough to start slinging expletives at the person on the other and of the phone, it's pretty much the pinnacle of the breakdown of the customer/provider relationship. Satellite TV providers ought to know—they inspire that situation the most according to a new study.

Conducted by mobile advertising and technology company Marchex, the study analyzed some 1.2 million consumer service calls between march 2012 and last month. What Marchex found included a top-three offenders list rounded out by cable TV companies and housing contractors.  So, no big surprises there.

Satellite providers, though, saw one in every 82 calls lead to a customer swearing. Veterinarian's offices, conversely, drew the least number of calls, with just one cursing customer per every 2,634 calls.  Curse words included an expansive list based on George Carlin's legendary "seven dirty words."

Our favorite swear word? Without a doubt, the f-bomb, say researchers. Throughout culling taped calls, Marchex found customers using the mother of all curses over price increases, hidden charges, or seemingly for no reason at all while on hold. We are an exceptionally angry group of people.

But, through all the expletive-laden science talk, one thing is abundantly clear: we all hate customer service. Customer and employee alike.