When Carolina Panther Cam Newton – and CBS Good Morning anchor Charlie Rose – made style news last week decked out in the loudest of black and gold Versace trousers, I should have known Super Bowl 50 was going to be an event for the sports fashion history books. 

Little did we know fashion would be front and center before and during Sunday night’s game. 
Here are the Top 10 most fashionable moments surrounding Super Bowl 50. 
10. Newton couldn’t catch a break from reporters all week as he was incessantly picked on for doing The Dab in the end zone and wearing those most fabulous Versace pants.
To kick off the weekend’s events, Wall Street reporter Stu Woo asked the Carolina quarterback why he wears socks and sandals. Seriously? Newton said,  “Why are you wearing jeans with shoes?” Fast-forward to “Formation,” where we see a random New Orleanian defiantly wearing socks and sandals. Is this a fashion trend in the making? 
9. New England Patriot Tom Brady arrived on the Super Bowl’s gold carpet Sunday night with wife, model Gisele Bundchen, in a slick, navy suit. His shirt was crispy. And Brady opted to leave the tie at home. Good move. 
8. Super Bowl 50 players changed their cleats during the first half of the game because they were slipping and sliding on Levi Stadium’s sod. They avoided a performance malfunction of the worst kind.
7. This week Pantene introduced a commercial featuring NFL players DeAngelo Williams, Jason Witten and Benjamin Watson fumbling as they combed their daughters’ hair. The cutie-pie commercial is based on research by Wake Forest professor, Linda Nielson that proves little girls that spend time with their daddies have a high self-esteem as adults. 

6. Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele were haute and hilarious in their Men’s Fashion Week-runway worthy ensembles they wore for their Squarespace commercial. Key & Peele – complete with The Wknd style hair – nailed the millennial nerds as sportscaster look, right down to the graphic print sweaters. 

5. Coldplay – especially front man Chris Martin – performed in looks that were all 1960s psychedelica. Martin’s denim jacket looked as if it was covered in in Crayola doodles. Twitter complained, but I loved.

Martin’s flower child jeans were bright, cheery and fun and connected to the band’s message of the evening, “Believe in love.”  Turns out this rainbow of  fashion statement is a nod to gay rights.
4. Bruno Mars and his leather clad, gold-chained crew were decidedly 1990s rap group NWA meets 1980s Run DMC by way of 2016.  There is something about black leather that’s always appropriate especially when it comes to “Uptown Funk.”

3.  Beyonce paid homage to two famous Jackson family members: Her choreographed sequence to “Formation” was reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” video. And short blazer, with military-inspired jacket and harnass by design house Dsquared, was an updated copy of the suit Michael Jackson wore for his 1993 halftime performance. And body suit, courtesy of Ashton Michael was a throwback to the women The Black Panther party.

(It must be noted here that Beyonce randomly released the video for “Formation” Saturday afternoon. The video featured Bey clad in a variety of of tush-baring body suits and antebellum style dresses (complete with corsets and camisoles) At that very moment the weekend’s fashion ante was upped three-fold. She also took the halftime show as an opportunity to announce a world tour. It hits Philadelphia June 5. 

2.  Cam Newton arrived at the Super Bowl in  gold, MVP cleats by Under Armour. He was hoping for the Midas touch on the football field, but the Bronco’s defense was just too fast and furious. He was forced to leave with his head hung low in the low ultimate mourning (and sulking) outfit: a Panthers hoodie. Made me wonder what he would wear if the Panthers actually won.

1. Lady Gaga gave a stellar – dare I say perfect – performance of the National Anthem in an amazing, cherry red lurex pantsuit by Gucci designer Alessandro Michelle that glittered like hot fire. Gaga’s eyelids even sparkled like Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz magic pumps. In keeping with the red, white and blue theme, Gaga’s stiletto nails were cobalt blue. And only Gaga can wear shoes that don’t match.  They were both Gucci, but one was blue glitter and the other was red and white striped. This outfit was everything.