6ABC meteorologist Cecily Tynan could clearly be heard saying "Moron," after tossing to fellow meteorologist Adam Joseph who began speaking while his microphone was off. This happened around 6:37 p.m. Monday.
But instead of admitting that it happened, first Joseph tweeted: "Let me make this clear if you just watch our weather hit. Cecily did not say "moron" she said "do you want mine on" (the mic) lol Too Funny!
Moments later however, Joseph tweeted what seemed like a confirmation of the comment.
"Man twitter is blowing up over the comment by @cecilytynan! Even if she did say it, its in good humor. We are like brother and sister.
Closer to 7 p.m., anchor Jim Gardner made the matter more bizarre with a somewhat rambling explanation that Tynan had not insulted Joseph.
"Maybe I shouldn't even acknowledge this but the folks who thought that Cecily called Adam an untoward name when Adam was having trouble with his microphone, that's not at all true," Gardner stated.
"What Cecily was saying was "Do you want mine on? My microphone on. And then Adam had a chance to fix his microphone before that even became an issue. If you thought that Cecily called Adam an untoward name that's not the case at all. We don't do that here. We are a family, we love each other," Gardner said before looking at someone, possibly Joseph, off camera and then added "You're acting like a moron." Laughter could be heard on set.
Of course, to make matters worse, Tynan then posted an even more absurd explanation on Facebook about the situation, a picture of which is posted here.
Don't they know the cover-up is always worse than the crime?
For those viewing the video, the moron comment is made about 12 seconds in. After Tynan hands off to Joseph.