Former Flyers bruiser Riley Cote wants you to know that just because he founded an organization called Hemp Heals, that does not make him a pothead.
Cote, whose foundation is sponsoring a Saturday concert at Festival Pier featuring Cypress Hill and Sublime, says he was inspired to launch a pro-hemp charity when his sister Jaime, who has multiple sclerosis, found that eating foods with hempseed ameliorated her symptoms. Cote, who lives in Delaware when he isn't coaching the Adirondack Phantoms in New York, says he believes in the value of medical marijuana, but the hemp plant he endorses is different from the one that produces the drug, as it contains no THC, the active ingredient in pot.
"People are foreign to it, but hemp is a superfood, like almonds," Cote explains. "It's full of protein and fiber. I'm promoting industrial hemp as an eco-friendly material for clothing and a healthy food option."
Asked if he thought booking Cypress Hill and Sublime, groups that each have multiple songs about weed, could possibly lead people to believe that he was into pot, Cote said he had no say in the acts on the bill.