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John Oates to release memoir, ‘Change of Seasons,’ in spring 2017

Fans of Hall & Oates will soon get an inside look at the band’s history with a forthcoming book from the duo’s shorter, more swarthy half, John Oates.

Fans of Hall & Oates will soon get an inside look at the band's history with a forthcoming book from the duo's shorter, swarthier half, John Oates.

The North Wales-raised Oates will release Change of Seasons, his first memoir, via St. Martin's Press on April 4, 2017. Initially scheduled for a late 2016 release, the book is currently available for preorder online.

Written with author Chris Epting, the book draws primarily from Oates' extensive, hand-written journals to tell the story of his path from beginning musician in The Masters to chart-topping pop culture icon alongside Daryl Hall in Hall & Oates. And as Oates told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, the book's release also will coincide with the release of some new music.

"I wanted to include my personal interpretations on some of the important music and artists that influenced me before I began to work with Daryl Hall," Oates said to EW in June. "I wanted to create a kind of companion/soundtrack to the book."

Since beginning to play music together as students at Temple University back in the late 1960s, Hall and Oates have recorded more than 20 albums as a duo, which altogether have sold more than 60 million copies. They have garnered 29 top 40 hits to date, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. The duo's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, meanwhile, came in Sept. this year.

Oates has also released several solo albums, beginning in 2002 with Phunk Shui. His most recent solo record, Good Road To Follow, was released in 2013. His mustache was inducted into the Mustache Hall of Fame in March 2015.

The cover for Oates' Change of Seasons in below: