Rob Ford is now officially an unabashed Junkie, and that's in addition to his admitted crack smoking. A Sports Junkie, that is, thanks to a scheduled appearance on Washington's 106.7 The Fan this Thursday.

And, what's more, he's going to be broadcasting from Atlantic City, which, at this point, is the most fitting place for a guy like Rob Ford. Appearing on The Fan's morning sports roundup to talk NFL picks for a segment, Ford will call into the Junkies at the Borgata, where they're broadcasting an annual poker tournament. It's all starting at 8:40 a.m., when Ford will rattle off 14 picks over a two-minute segment. Or at least that's the plan.

Since news of Ford's appearance broke this week, multiple outlets have reported that the Toronto mayor will be a regular part of The Sports Junkies' programming, a possibility that station managers tacitly deny. After all, his appearance on the show comes after not one, but two failed media stints in the past month. In terms of picks, he's just not a very strong bet right now. Plus, you know, crack.

However, Ford's fellow Junkies seem to be open to a regular thing, according to the Washington Post:

"If it goes well, we'd love to have him weekly, but it's just a one-time thing at this point," Kinard told me.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Ford is reported to be betting against the spread. But, hey, you can't expect the guy to change now.

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