In between denying allegations that he tried to buy his infamous crack video and providing intermittent NFL picks on his appearance on The Sports Junkies this morning, Rob Ford let slip that he learned to play football in Shippensburg.

What initially was planned as a quick pick segment on Washington's 106.8 The Fan quickly turned into a Q&A session about the crack cocaine issue that's been dogging the Toronto mayor for months. Ford, for his part, called the allegation that he attempted to pay $5,000 to keep the tape that started it all under wraps an "outright lie" and told the Sports Junkies to talk to his lawyer.

With that, Ford turned the conversation back to football, and subsequently revealed his connection to the Washington Redskins, a team for which he holds a special place in his allegedly crack-addled heart. Turns out ford actually learned to play football from a group of Redskins players at a football camp at Shippensburg when he was 16:

"When I was 16, 17, 18, I went to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and Dave Butz and Joe Jacobie, and Russ Grimm and Jeff Bostic—all the boys were down there. Dexter Manley and Charles Mann, Dave Butz, like I said, Rich Milot, Neil Olkewicz, all those guys. I love them, and that's when you guys won the bowl that year, and it was amazing.

So I went down to a camp and these guys literally taught us how to play football. They were professionals, banging on your door at seven in the morning before you have to go for a run. It was great discipline at a young age, so I went back there three years in a row. It was fantastic."

Besides that, Ford also picked the Eagles over Detroit in this weekend's upcoming game. So at least the guy's on our side.

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