Comments on Frequencies

You'd never guess it but

all my friends are

throwing their phones off of roofs

these days

watching the glowworm drain

a whistle of water sucked

down a concrete straw

everyone is trying to shake the


The charm of this particular age is

there's no escaping that sense

of light-speed as limitation,

an exchange of certified parcels

that infinity is countable

numbs promise like

topical anesthetics, yet

we reach one another

on frequencies we'll never see

empty shivers

white and violet tracing nothing

except the insomnia

and the feeling that

you are lonelier than before, only

with more people able to watch.

Michelle A. Newman

Hailing from Berwyn and recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Michelle Amelia Newman began writing at what she calls "a ripe young age" and has so far treated her passion like the "redheaded stepchild." Philly has always been her home base, but she has successfully left it several times and now currently lives, volunteers, and writes in Santiago, Chile.