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Bradley Cooper in red carpet Oscar ride-up?

A campaign to get Oscar nominees and presenters to arrive at the Kodak Theater on Academy Awards night riding a bicycle instead of a limo is under way. Way cooler than electric cars, way greener than a hybrid SUV. Who will cycle up the Hollywood Boulevard red carpet?

Picture this, why doncha: A betuxed Bradley Cooper rolling up to the red carpet at the Kodak Theater on Oscar night, stepping off of his bicycle and heading in to present some awards. How about Academy Award nominees Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara, Michelle Williams, Brad Pitt and/or Bret McKenzie (best song: "Man or Muppet") likewise pedaling their way through Hollywood's blocked streets and limo jams on Sunday eve, Feb. 26?

That's the goal of Commute By Bike cycling advocate Ted Johnson, who is doing his best to get nominees, presenters and guests to leave the gas guzzlers at home and show a little cycle chic. So far, no one's committed to his Academy Awards ceremony cycling idea – and admittedly it'll be more of a challenge for the women arriving in designer gowns and $100,000 baubles than for menfolk who can simply put a trouser clip on their tuxedo pants – but Johnson is drumming up support for his campaign.

Here's part of Johnson's open letter to Oscar-attendees:

Some of you try to use your celebrity for good– especially if you get some good publicity doing it. I want to help you prepare for your most important commute of the year–whether you care about the planet, or if you just want to appear that you care. Quite a few of you like to be seen in your hybrid cars.   But in terms of "making a statement," the hybrid thing kind of peaked in 2005…. I'd like to suggest something that would have real impact. Not just environmental impact, but the kind impact that matters most to you: chatter! You want to out-care DiCaprio? I'm suggesting that you arrive at the Oscars by bike!