M. Night Shymalan will return to the big screen on January 20, 2017 with the release of Split.

Shyamalan started filming Split in the Philadelphia area in November last year. It features X-Men's James McAvoy as a psychopath with 23 separate identities. The film follows the kidnapping of three women by McAvoy's character. But it's Shyamalan, so there's a twist: A 24th personality dubbed "The Beast" begins to emerge as the ordeal wears on.

Split will serve as Shyamalan's big screen followup to 2015's The Visit that grossed nearly $100 million at the box office worldwide. Along with McAvoy, Split stars The Happening's Betty Buckley, and features production from Jason Blum, who previously worked with Shyamalan on The Visit.

The Visit was also filmed in the Philadelphia-area. Shoots for that film took place in Chester Springs and Royersford, as well as Philadelphia itself.

Shyamalan, meanwhile, will be at the Sixers game Wednesday night with the Eagles' Connor Barwin, the director tweeted late Tuesday. Feel free to let him know what you think.

Watch the previous trailer for Split below: