Will Smith, perennial hometown hero and patron saint of those from West Philadelphia, born and raised, returns to movies after a four year hiatus - following the flop of the treacly and downright confusing "Seven Pounds" - in "Men in Black III."

Looks as if Tommy Lee Jones is largely sitting out for this movie while Josh Brolin, who starred alongside Jones in the Best Picture-winning "No Country for Old Men," takes Lee's place as Smith's partner, K.

People will go see this movie no matter what, but it's been 15 (!!!) years since the first installment of the series and the sequel was godawful. But are we still jazzed to see Smith galavant around New York (in this case, through time) kicking alien butt and spouting out clever lines?

Yes, of course, we are. We don't care that Smith has proven he is better actor than this Blockbuster rote fare. But he's spent the last four years making sure the Smith legacy lives forever through his children and we've sorely missed the man who will always be our Fresh Prince in Early '90s armor.

What do you think of "Men in Black III"? A return to form for Big Willy Style or just the same old same old from a dude who knows how to get that paper at the box office? Let us know in the comments.

"Men in Black III" is slated to hit theaters May 25, 2012.