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Out of respect for Springsteen, B Street Band pulls out of N.J.'s inaugural gala

With deepest apologies to our fans and the New Jersey Inaugural Ball committee, the B Street Band is withdrawing from performing at this year's inauguration Gala.

Our decision is based SOLELY on the respect and gratitude we have for Bruce and the E Street Band.

Bruce's music has been the foundation of our livelihood. The B Street Band would not exist without the talents of Bruce and our E Street brothers.

We are most grateful to these rock legends and look forward to many more years of emulating and performing the Forever Music, of Bruce Springsteen.

The B Street Band had played the gala for President Obama's two previous inaugurations, and had been booked to play since 2013. Group leader William Forte referred to the band as non-political. "We got some flak from the others, but nothing like this," he told the Associated Press.