Things are beginning to heat up here at Made in America, as crowds pour in and temperatures rise. But there's free water, cold beer, and more importantly, quirky, weirdo vibes, this time courtesy of Detroit rapper Danny Brown.

Known for his antics and individuality, the 33-year-old rapper boasts a history of turning heads: his 2011 record XXX was a debauched romp through sex, drugs, and Simpsons references; he cites both Dr. Seuss and dealing drugs as influences. Yet somewhere in the midst of the lewd and crazy is something vulnerable and real, that resonates with listeners in unexpected ways. Danny Brown seems like the kind of dude you could invite to a party and he would be so much fun and have drugs for everyone—but also like the kind of dude you could sit down for coffee with and he'd probably blow your mind with interesting things to say.

He takes the stage at MIA 15 minutes late, after his DJ hypes the crowd for what seems like forever. By the time he finally appears, grinning his signature gap-toothed grin, everyone is super pumped, cheeeing and dancing with abandon.

Party stalwart "Smokin & Drinkin," off his 2013 LP "Old," is an early crowd-pleaser, festival goers waving their beers and umm, blunts, in the air, while follower "Express Yourself" seems the quintessential anthem for a rapper with green hair and a distinct, wordy flow.

Midway through his set, it begins to rain, but the crowd goes with it, embracing the sudden downpour by raging harder. Brown responds by matching their energy, galivanting across the stage and sticking out his tongue defiantly.

"25 Bucks," his collaboration with dark dream-pop duo Purity Ring, is a set highlight, despite the pair not being on hand live, as is "Old" single "Dip," which he prefaces by asking the crowd where he can find some molly. (No word on whether his request was fulfilled.)

As he continues performing, the rain gradually passes and by the time he leaves the stage, it's bright and sunny. It's certainly an adventure--but then again, with Brown it always is.