This morning, XXL magazine released the names of the oh-so-coveted and highly anticipated Freshman Class. Philly was front and center for picture day.

Lil Uzi Vert, who just performed at the Roots Picnic, is a North Philly native,  who claims Marilyn Manson as one of his influences, often saying he's trying to bring the rock to rap. Rather than Vert's lyrics, fans are often attracted to the raucous energy of his music.

Vert exploded onto the scene with popular tracks like "Money Longer."

Vert headlines the Fillmore on June, 28.

Right behind Vert is Cheltenham's own Lil Dicky, who also performed at this year's Roots Picnic. The comedic rapper built a strong following with his hilarious music videos, clever lyrics and a rapid cadence. He went viral last year with the video for "$ave That Money," where he raps about the swag of the save.

When I spoke with the 28-year-old, he said rap "started off as a comedic thing ... but as I kept doing it, I just got better and better."

Unlike Vert, Dicky is seen as an unusual choice because he's more of a novelty act. He's trending on Twitter as people question or defend his inclusion in the Freshman Class. His facial expression on the cover doesn't help.

Satten says there's a lot more that goes into choosing the freshman class, talent and buzz are taken into account  but also an artist's demeanor. A few of the factors that went into choosing the two Philly natives:   Vert  has successful shows and  connects well with his fans.  Dicky's  had early on success, a possible show in the works and  $ave Dat Money was featured in an Old Navy commercial.

Satten says XXL is "not trying to please everybody , [we're] doing what we believe in."​