Mash-up king of the new millennium Girl Talk, formally known as Gregg Gillis, has been on the low for the last couple of years. Since his last album release in 2010, All Day, he has played a handful of shows within the festival circuit but has mostly remained to himself.

Pitchfork reported on Sunday that the Pittsburgh native is teaming up with Philadelphia's own Freeway for a forthcoming EP, which will be titled Broken Ankles.

The new project will veer away from the laptop master's signature mash-up style and he will instead trade in for "a wider range of samples, some more obscure than what he would normally use in his Top 40-focused work." A press release also mentions that he'll incorporate more original instruments in addition to sampling.

Here is an official statement from Gillis on the project:

It was liberating and exciting working on a different style of material. I couldn't stop. A bunch of the ideas were things I've been wanting to do for years... I've been a fan of Freeway since I first heard him on '1-900-Hustler,' and I just thought he was the perfect fit for what I had in mind. I wanted the album to be diverse, and I wanted someone who could maneuver around quick changes mid-song. Freeway is the rare rapper who sounds natural on all types of beats, ranging from cut-up soul to menacing synth-jams. His energy is unreal, and he's able to keep up with any production... I wanted to work closer to traditional song structure compared to my last few albums, but still include some detailed sample splicing and change-ups when it felt appropriate. The overall structure is what I thought worked best with Freeway's style... It's always important to me to have an album that works as a whole; something that has a calculated flow to it, which is intended to be listened to front to back.

The pair officially welcomed in their team effort at a Brooklyn show on Saturday evening where they premiered a new track called "Tolerated". The album is slated for release this fall.

This pairing reminds us heavily of what's happening between producers Baauer and Just Blaze, only this one is Pennsylvania homegrown to the core.