"I've seen him live maybe 20 times, but this time, he might notice me," said Fredrik Wikingsson (albeit in Swedish) before his Experiment Ensam experience, in which the Stockholm-based TV personality got a personal concert from Bob Dylan at the Academy of Music.

The 14-minute video — with English subtitles — documents the moments before Wikingsson partook in the sixth and final episode of the Swedish television experiment, in which participants engage in experiences that are usually reserved for large crowds. The purpose is to examine if, as humans, we really do have a better time in groups.

The taping took place before Dylan's Philadelphia performance on Sunday, Nov. 23, his final of a three-night stand, at the Academy of Music, a theater that Wikingsson called "wonderful," "just magnificent" and that "it felt like the theater had been built for this moment."

Watch as the 41-year-old superfan took in a sixth-row personal performance from Dylan and his band, who covered Buddy Holly's "Heartbeat," Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill," and Chuck Willis' "It's Too Late (She's Gone)."

Two weeks after the life-changing moment, Wikingsson looks back on the unique occurrence as his "Philadelphia and Bob space."

Ultimately, whether he would've had a better experience should he have been in a group, Wikingsson mentions in the video that he's pretty torn: It was nice to have been the only one there ("In the moment, it wouldn't have been as intense with other people there"), but it comes down to sharing memories with others to recount the beauty: "It could have been more intense if I had someone to share it with," he said.