Producer and musician extraordinaire Dev Hynes, known professionally as Blood Orange, the super groovy electronic-funk project, released the video for his latest single "It Is What It Is" from 2013's Cupid Deluxe.

Starting with Hynes performing folding-chair-elevated choreography against a colorful striped wall, the one-shot video sees the musician climbing through a window into another stripe-adorned room, grooving under a light downpour of confetti.

Camden, N.J. born artist Alex da Corte shot and directed the video in all its colorful pop-art glory, marking a second-time collaboration between da Corte and Hynes.

Still on exhibition now through Dec. 28 at ICA Philadelphia, "Easternsports," a collaborative video installation between da Corte and Jayson Musson, features an original score from Hynes, in which he composed the music to the two-and-a-half hour video over the summer while in Philadelphia.

Turns out all those stripes are in promotion of Gap's latest interactive campaign, Play Your Stripes, in which, utilizing your computer's webcam, users wearing stripes can digitally place themselves in the video and "play" their own outfit a la Hynes in the video.

Blood Orange made his network TV debut late last week to perform "It Is What It Is" with similar choreographed dance moves — and the tripod of folding chairs.