If you happen to be getting married in New York City today, you're in luck: ABC has stepped up to pay the cost of your marriage license and/or City Hall wedding costs. If you're getting married in New York City tomorrow, tough—this one is today only.

ABC announced the stunt this morning on Good Morning America in an effort to promote the coming two-episode season finale of Modern Family, which centers on Mitch and Cam's wedding. In fact, Mitch and Cam themselves—that is, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet—made the announcement this morning.

On GMA, Stonestreet addressed the characters' coming wedding:

"It's a rare opportunity you get as actors. You never think of that when you're out there auditioning for different parts in TV shows and not getting them, and then to finally get a gig like this that is really, truly -- not to put too much importance on it, but owning it a little bit -- having social impact, cultural impact. We hear it from kids, we hear that from parents, so we know it's real."

Ferguson, for his part, said that he'll have "a lot of the same people at both weddings," referring to his recent marriage to Justin Mikita this past summer.

So, if matrimony is in your immediate future, get thee to New York—you might just end up saving a little cash. Modern Family will beginning airing its finale Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

Check out the GMA announcement below: