Kevin Hart was Trevor Noah's first guest as the new host of "The Daily Show." To commemorate the honor, Hart brought Noah a gift: a box of ties.

"I'm a classy guy!" the pint-sized Philadelphian comedian said. Hart visited the show to promote his international tour and the release of his new action-comedy, "Ride Along 2," both debuting in January 2016.

The two comedians bonded over Hart's accomplishments — Noah called him a comedic rockstar — and Hart divulged how to tell jokes to a crowd of over 50,000, like he did when he sold out Lincoln Financial Field in August.

"I think any environment you put yourself in as a comedian, it's your job to make that environment as intimate as possible," Hart said of his record-breaking Philadelphia feat.

Noah and Hart also talked about his new fitness initiatives.

"My body looks amazing…it looks amazing," Hart said. Not only does he flex on his Instagram account, but Hart has organized various 5K runs around the country that coincide with his comedy show location that night.

When asked why running and working out was so important to him, Hart not only remarked on his desire for his own health, but also that of his fans.

"Here's what I've learned," Hart said. "I've learned that I have a platform where I can motivate and inspire. And what better way to do that than running? Running is something that everybody can do all over the world. Regardless of race, shape and size, you can all do it together. It brings people closer together."