(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a/k/a BE)

JB: Yo, boss, ya see that early poll of the 2016 Senate race?

BE: Come on, it's barely 2015. Already?

JB: Yep, Public Policy Polling asked 1,042 registered voters about GOP Sen. Pat Toomey's reelection chances, put him up against a handful of name Democrats and only one would beat him if the election were held today.

BE: Yeah, but's not being held today -- or anytime soon. And who knows what happens between today and more than a year from now?

JB: Still.

BE: Alright, go ahead.

JB: It's Eddie!

BE: Oh, lord.

JB: The former Guv, former mayor, former Democratic national chief and (some say) current shadow Guv, beats Toomey 44-41.

BE: Sigh. You know, I know, everybody knows Ed is NOT running for U.S. Senate.

JB: Wait, there's more. Joe Sestak, who only lost to Toomey by two points in 2012 and who basically hasn't been heard from since, only trails Toomey by four points, 40-36.

BE: Well, at least he appears to be running.

JB: And Chris Matthews, the mouth of MSNBC who once talked of running for Senate, also only trails Toomey by four, 42-38.

BE: Pul-eese.

JB: And Kathleen Kane, who at this point should only being thinking about running for cover, trails Toomey by just six points, 44-38.

BE: She's said she't not running for Senate.

JB: She's said a lot of things.

BE: Tell me that's all you have.

JB: No, siree. Mayor Nutter trails Toomey by seven points, 42-35. And Josh Shapiro, who's talking about running for attorney general, trails Toomey by 12 points, 43-31.

BE: Please stop.

JB: One more. Kane's favorable rating among Democrats, despite, you know, her woes, is well on the plus side at 45-21.

BE: Ah, Democrats.

JB: You can read the whole poll here.

BE: No thanks. Go away.